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ACC Fleet Saver is a complete package covering workplace, on-road and in-cab safety.

It offers levy reductions to eligible businesses who demonstrate a strong safety culture and a commitment to the highest standards of safety among their employees.

Eligible businesses for ACC Fleet Saver are businesses who own five or more vehicles weighing more than 3,500kg who can demonstrate strong safety management practices

It’s designed to motivate businesses like yours to go beyond compliance on the roads and in the workplace, and it gives you the opportunity to turn safety into savings by reducing the ACC portion of your licencing fee by up to 40% according to which accreditation level your business achieves.

ACC Fleet Saver is good for your business in many ways

  • Your safe practices will reduce road accidents and traffic infringements, building your reputation as a leader in keeping New Zealand’s roads safe
  • Having good safety systems in place can reduce workplace injuries, increase workplace efficiency and productivity as well as positioning you as an employer of choice
  • Encouraging drivers to slow down reduces fuel costs, vehicle wear and tear, maintenance and positively impacts on the safety of all road users, with only a minimal effect on travel times
  • Customers will recognise your business as a leader in safety
  • With fleet signage that lets everyone else know yours are ‘trucks you want to be around’, your fleet will get the public recognition and respect it deserves for playing a part in the overall safety of New Zealand’s roads and workplaces

The more your safety systems improve, the more you can save

There are three levels of ACC Fleet Saver accreditation to cater for all businesses that demonstrate sound on-road and workplace safety practices. ACC encourages you to continuously improve by progressing from Bronze to Silver or Silver to Gold.The ACC portion of your licencing fee will reduce according to the level you achieve by up to 40%, and position your business as an example of best practice.

Find out how businesses just like yours have turned safety into savings with ACC Fleet Saver

The levels of accreditation


Indicates safety management policies and procedures that demonstrate commitment to continuous improvements in on-road and workplace safety, and injury prevention.


Continuous improvement and progression towards best practice.
Indicates safety management systems in place to enable continuous improvements through training and other means.


Advanced best practice framework.
Indicates advanced safety management systems and continuous improvements in on-road and workplace health and safety.

For helpful links on choosing the right vehicles for your fleet, saving fuel and reducing downtime and maintenance, as well as case studies regarding the benefits of a safer fleet, refer to the links in the Additional Resources section.

How to apply for the programme

You can call us on 0800 222 776 or contact us if you need help as you progress from your initial application to your ACC Fleet Saver audit.

Steps to apply

  1. The first step is to complete an online self-assessment form. The self-assessment will help you to decide whether you will qualify to apply for the programme, and ensure that you’re ready to be audited. You can save the assessment as you go and return to complete it later.
  2. Nominate one member of your staff as the contact person. They'll complete the process required for programme application (and also monitor its progress).
  3. Click on 'New User?' in the login page.
  4. Complete the sections on your business including the User ID and password, contact person (ie the person you nominated in step 1) and privacy statement then click 'Register'.
  5. Click on 'Take a Self-Assessment' and complete the assessment to determine what status level you can apply for.
  6. Apply for ACC Fleet Saver (you get this option when you meet the self-assessment standards at one of the three levels).
  7. Complete and submit the application.
  8. Fill in your declaration, print out, sign, and post to the address provided on the declaration.

The nominated person who provided their email address, username and password at step 4 will receive a registration email. They can login to the ACC Fleet Saver programme website using their username from the email and password to check on the progress of the application.

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