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ACC Fleet Saver Gold Accreditation – “It's a safety win-win” 

TIL Freighting Ltd is a nationwide freighting operator that’s fiercely proud of being 100% New Zealand owned and operated.  As one of a number of companies that come under parent company Transport Investments (TIL) Ltd, TIL Freighting is home to three well-known New Zealand transport companies: TNL, Hooker Pacific, and Roadstar. With 450 operating powered vehicles, 777 employees and 25 branches, they’re something of a heavyweight in the NZ trucking industry.  Adding another feather to their cap, TIL Freighting recently achieved ACC’s Fleet Saver Gold Accreditation.      

When TIL Freighting achieved Fleet Saver Gold accreditation, they committed to the highest level of safety possible. “The directors could see no downside to doing it,” says Jo Dando, National Health, Safety & Quality Manager.  “It’s worth it for the huge amount of benefits, though certainly the discount you get on your registration is handy.”  What it comes down to for Jo, however, is being as safe as you possibly can in a high-risk industry.  “So if you want to run a safe trucking operation, Fleet Saver is the way to go.”

The Fleet Saver Gold Accreditation is like a seal of safety approval for TIL, a way of publicly acknowledging the value that the company places on safety.   “It shows our staff that we care about their safety. And it shows our customers that we’re running a company that is as safe as we can possibly make it.”

Now with the new workplace safety law changing, Jo predicts that customers will soon be looking more closely at choosing companies with recognised safety accreditation.  “As a customer, you’re going to be looking for a company that’s as safe as they can possibly be.  You don’t want to be aligned with a trucking company that’s not safe.”  That’s why TIL’s Fleet Saver Gold Certificate goes out with all their tender documents.  “It gives us that extra advantage. Businesses that have Fleet Saver, or are aiming towards that, are showing their customers that they’re prepared to spend money and time to make their business safer. They’re more likely to choose a company like that.”

The Fleet Saver audit process was “pretty simple”, according to Jo, as TIL was already meeting a lot of the criteria.  “Some of the criteria we had started or already implemented, so it was just taking our processes to the next level.” 

TIL’s drivers get a boost from the recognition that Gold accreditation has given them. “They’re pretty focused on making sure that they’re driving really safely and courteously.  It’s a matter of reiterating how good they are.”  Jo feels that Fleet Saver Gold was a way of letting staff know “that we’re doing everything we possibly can to make things safer for our people.”

Former Branch Manager of TNL, Jo’s been in the trucking industry a while now.  She’s seen an increase in the amount of trucking companies going for Fleet Saver Accreditation, a shift which she believes will have positive effects for the transport industry, mostly in terms of safety, as it helps minimise the potential risks that are a part of the industry.  “While we can’t control what other drivers do, we can at least have some input into what we’re doing, and it’s really good to see ACC coming on board with that and offering an incentive for us to be a safe operator.” 

The incentive approach is a great way to attract businesses, if you ask Jo.  “Too often in the world you get penalised if you do something wrong, but this feels like an encouragement to get it right at the start.Prevention is the key to all of this, getting it right.”  When safer operators benefit from reduced costs, and NZ benefits from minimised accidents, “it’s a win-win.”

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