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ACC Fleet Saver Bronze Accreditation – “Wrapping safety around our whole business” 

What started 80 years ago as a small civil contracting business has grown into one of New Zealand’s leading provider of civil infrastructure, construction and road maintenance.  Fulton Hogan currently employs over 5,500 staff here and in Australia, and their Kiwi clients include NZTA, local councils, airports and ports. 

Fulton Hogan builds New Zealand’s roads, bridges and railways, so safety is paramount.  Their recent ACC Fleet Saver Bronze accreditation is proof of their commitment to achieving world class safety standards. Group Executive Manager Corporate Services, Jules Hogan, says ACC Fleet Saver is a great way to help “wrap safety around our whole business”, and drive workplace safety in the right direction.  

One of New Zealand’s leading civil infrastructure, construction and road maintenance company, Fulton Hogan, recently qualified for ACC Fleet Saver Bronze.  Among Australasia’s largest privately-held contracting companies, Fulton Hogan builds the roads, bridges and railways that connect communities. ACC Fleet Saver Bronze accreditation means they’re now paving the way to workplace safety.

Fulton Hogan’s Group Executive Manager Corporate Services, Jules Hogan says that ACC Fleet Saver is driving workplace safety in the right direction. “It’s all about ensuring that your people, your plant and your systems meet standards to prevent injuries from happening in the first place,” he says.

Commitment to safety is paramount to Fulton Hogan, Jules says, because the company prides itself on putting its people and their safety first.  That means doing everything possible to prevent accidents from happening in the first place, a rationale that Fulton Hogan shares with the ACC Fleet Saver Programme.  “ACC Fleet Saver is an excellent example of ACC not just being the ambulance at the bottom of the cliff, but taking proactive and preventative steps at the front,” says Jules.

Fulton Hogan isn’t the typical transport-focused company that takes part in ACC Fleet Saver.  Despite having quite a hefty fleet, Jules says, “We don’t really think of ourselves as a trucking company per se.” However, the sheer size of their operation means that they have a large number of vehicles, including their characteristically reverse-parked staff fleet. “We’ve got about 1400 vehicles that qualify for the ACC Fleet Saver programme – from light trucks right through to some of the big truck and trailer units.” 

Being such a large company, Jules admits to a being a tad nervous about what the ACC Fleet Saver audit might throw at Fulton Hogan.  “This ACC Fleet Saver programme might have been a bit daunting, a bit challenging to start with,” he says, “but we’ve found it a really good programme.” 

ACC’s Workplace Safety Programme Manager Paul Gimblett certainly appreciates the magnitude of their achievement. “This is a very significant level in safety standards.  We are very pleased to acknowledge their efforts.”

ACC’s support of Fulton Hogan in gaining ACC Fleet Saver accreditation has been crucial, says Jules.  “They told us right from the beginning that good safety is good business.  We can prove that in spades.” 

“Safety is really important,” agrees Paul. “It doesn’t just affect productivity. In this kind of industry where it’s really competitive to get good quality drivers, safety is a really important sales point for your business.”  

With their accreditation only recently confirmed, Fulton Hogan already have their sights set on ACC Fleet Saver Gold.  “ACC Fleet Saver Bronze is a first step for Fulton Hogan.  Our goal is gold,” says Jules. 

“They’re keen to continue the journey,” says Paul.  “ACC Fleet Saver Gold is world best standard around managing safety for drivers.  You’re world class when you’re there.”

Speaking at the presentation of Fulton Hogan’s ACC Fleet Saver Bronze award in February, Jules thanked everyone who was involved in helping them reach their achievement.  “We very much appreciate the efforts of everyone involved to get us to this stage. Together with our processes, focus on culture and the partnership with ACC, we have wrapped safety around our whole business.”

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