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 Clements Contractors Ltd


ACC Fleet Saver Gold Accreditation – “Proving that size doesn’t always matter” 

Clements Contractors has its headquarters on the Tutukaka coast, and another office in nearby Whangarei. With just six large and three small trucks (along with a number of excavators and ancillary equipment), it’s considered one of the smaller transport companies. Clements specialises in construction and site preparation services and was started by a family of farmers, who still own and work a large area of land in northern New Zealand. Now 25 years old, the Clements team has expanded to include 35 staff members.  

Clements Contractors has recently achieved ACC’s Fleet Saver Gold Accreditation.  Managing Director Murray Clements says that the recognition the accreditation has given Clements has boosted the small company’s confidence to compete for bigger contracts. “Our initial drive was the cost saving, it wasn’t until we started going through ACC Fleet Saver that we realised how much the process was going to benefit us.”

Murray said that although he was a bit nervous about how much work and effort applying for ACC Fleet Saver Accreditation would be, the process made a huge difference – not just to senior management, but to the whole team.

“We’ve got some really good drivers and the ACC Fleet Saver audit showed that. The drivers really shone through. They now recognise how much they’ve helped us to achieve our safety goals.

“This will help our business to grow, for sure. It’s given us confidence – you don’t have to be the biggest. Fleet Saver has shown how seriously we take health and safety in our business.”

Murray says that the ACC Fleet Saver process is definitely ahead of the game. Small safety measures the company had put into place were shown to be highly effective practices. “We were a bit concerned about the amount of paperwork we thought there’d be, and how we’d stack up. We didn’t know exactly how high the bar was set. But it was reassuring once we’d made a start on it. It’s like a pat on the back because you know you’re doing the right thing.”

Another benefit Murray didn’t expect from ACC Fleet Saver was how supportive and positive it was working with ACC. “I’m normally a bit nervous when they come to visit! But, when we got the Gold accreditation, they brought a cake out for the team and made a really big deal of it. I’ve never seen that. It was full on. It was amazing. I never thought that would happen!”

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